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Friday, September 27, 2013

Psychopath or sociopath? Both.

So I have beaten one of the best games of this year, Grand Theft Auto V.  Let me just throw it out there, this is the first Grand Theft Auto game that I have beaten.  Draco will tell you that I have been breezing through games in the past few months, but this game is definitely worth it.  I will say that you will at least get around 20-30 hours of gameplay if you stick to the main storyline, more than most games out there.  I've put around double the time to complete side missions and activities as well.  No I haven't achieved 100% completion as of yet, but as much as I enjoy this game, I am well on my way.  I'll try to keep the post with limited spoilers for those who haven't beaten the game yet.

Grand Theft Auto V brings back what fans love, several kick ass guns, plenty of cars to steal and an amazing story line.  The three protagonist; Michael, Franklin and Trevor all bring something different to the table.
Richards Majestic
Michael - A professional criminal who faked his death to get put in the Witness Protection Program after a bank robbery went south 10 years ago.  A family man who is addicted to chaos finds himself going back to his old psychopathic and borderline sociopathic ways which indeed affect his family and his "friendship" with Trevor who thought Michael was dead for 10 years.  He does show however that he has a conscious and feels bad for some of his actions.  Michael's special ability is to slow down time during gunfights which helps in aiming, especially if you are looking for head shots.
Magellan Ave
Franklin - A small time hustler and a member of The Families (successor of Grove Street Families which GS is now in control by the Ballas) wants to do something different since his last bid in the pen.  Working as a Repo man with his friend Lamar, he was sent to repo Michael son's car and had a close encounter with the end of Michael's pistol.  Afterwards when Michael takes Franklin under his wing, Franklin is exposed to the life of crime that is bigger than he ever knew and brings in more money than he'll know what to do with. Franklin's special ability is to slow down time while driving, helps during races and avoiding cops especially during sharp turns to avoid crashing.
Magellan Ave
Trevor - He is what you may call a psychopath and a sociopath.  He kills without a care in the world.  Trevor is known for his rampages and his short tempered reactions.  Even though he may seem to be such an evil person, he does care about Michael and expressed his emotions to him when he found out Michael was still alive.  He cares also about Franklin and is sensitive about being Canadian as well as his relationship with his mother.  Trevor's special ability is rampage, time slows down and he is able to deal more damage and take more damage, helps with big crowds of enemies.
One of my favorite things about the game has to be the heists.  You actually plan out how to approach it, the items and vehicles that you may need to pick up as well as the crew you want to take with you.  There are usually two different ways to go about the heist, which leads to two different sets of items per each approach as well as different crew members.  The crew members all have different level of skills and cut percentages.  Then you get to preform the heist, you gain whatever money you stole and then divide that between each person who participates.  Your crew members skills go up but not their cut so I chose the same crew every time.  I always chose the best person at the job I needed them for.
My other favorite thing about the game is the ability to switch to all three characters whenever I want during free roam, and during missions while they are together so I can utilize their skills.  In free roam, you can be controlling one character but the other two will live on and do their thing and you can switch to the next and see what they might have gotten themselves into.  Also they can hang out with one another and play sports, go out drinking or watch a movie.  I learned the hard way that after the two character's part ways, they don't do well with someone following them.

This game will definitely be a contender for Game of the Year.  You can look up many reviews of the game and you can see that Grand Theft Auto V received near perfect scores.  I recommend this game for any GTA fan and for gamers who are looking for something new to play.  Customization is big in the game with many clothing options, different ways to upgrade and change the look of your cars, a few different haircuts and beard styles and different activities for them to (Tennis, Golf, Darts and run a Triathlon). Also you can buy properties to gain more money.  If you haven't picked it up, what are you waiting for?

Below is the Psychiatric Report for the way I played the game.  Enjoy and post yours if you have beaten the game.

From the office of Dr Isiah Friedlander
Client Notes - Highly Confidential
Terrifying. Deluded, lonely, desperate and vain.
Tries to do the right thing - poor judgment as to what that is.
Very large ego.
Irresponsible with money and with rest of life.
Sexual risk taker - advise them to get tested - probably got a lot of dodgy diseases.
Incapable of seeing needs of others.
Likes white collar crime almost as much as the blue collar variety.
Psychopath or sociopath? Both.
Repeat offender.
Bizarrely into new age activities.
Avoids strenuous exercise.
Likes new people - or kills them.
What a bizarre assortment of problems.

Ms. Montenegro


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