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Friday, November 15, 2013

~God's hand smites...few?~

God Hand, A game that largely went under the radar for the Ps2 and later as a digital download for the Ps3. Again a victim of obscurity because of the meddling of Capcom, this game had good potential behind it. My brief play of the game was more delightful than I thought it would be, but then again I seem like Im a Clover fanboy.
            For those looking for a comparison to what God Hand might be, it feels a lot like playing Double Dragon from the days of NES with a feel of Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star) and wacky humor to give it an extra boost. Though it may seem like your average action/beat em up game, it's far from it, God hand is no "Press A to win" game. Instead this game allows you to completely customize your move arsenal by assigning the combos to any move in any sequence you desire. In addition you can map supporting attacks to any of the attack buttons as well. A total of 114 different moves i believe can be pulled off, depending on how you like your combat. Levels can get a bit hard but it's not in the frustrating manner because the game won't do what you want it to do, rather it's from the AI and you having to improve your own skill. You know that thing you dont really need to play a game nowadays.

            God Hand also has a few mini-games thrown in to keep you occupied when the simple money collecting through combat might get tedious. Think back to something like "No more heroes". The game has a good amount of playtime so it can last quite a while but at the same time you can speed through it if you really wanted to. This game in itself is funny, but possibly many people. I would have to say the best part is that the game does not take itself seriously, I absolutely love games that have a sense of humor about themselves.

             In terms of gameplay, I highly recommend it as if brings some nice new elements to the action genre that seem to have gotten stale lately. I believe fans of classic beat' em ups like Final Fight and Double Dragon will also enjoy this title. Though I would advise anyone that gets easily offended to stay away, but if that were the case you wouldnt be on the internet. ^^

             God Hand has seen very mixed reviews in its life cycle, all ranging from  "Its a bad,good game" to "This game sucks and you suck for playing it". Maybe it was just meant to be the black sheep in Clovers lineup of games, or maybe the game was just too HARDCORE for its time.

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