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Friday, February 15, 2013

OJN Episode 5 - Roundtable Chat

Surprise...surprise. We have our first round table featuring Draco, Ruanime, and Amy aka Yours Truly. This is a pretty cool chat with us covering things like current anime that we're watching, our blog, and other behind the scenes things. Check out Amy's blogs:
Follow Your Inner Child
Her YouTube Channel: Inner Crystal Child

Monday, February 4, 2013

OJN Episode 4 - That's So Retro!

So here we are with a Monday release. Sorry for our absence. Unless you live under a rock, I'm sure you've heard about Young Justice being cancelled. Not only do Draco and Ranz talk about it, they talk about Cartoon Network bringing back old shows and how cartoons used to have WAY better quality back in the 90's. Take a listen to this episode and hear a rant of epic...retro...proportions!

Friday, February 1, 2013

~Hatching a plan~

Clearly Nintendo thinks it has been awhile since we have seen that green dino in action on his own.I (as a fan of yoshi story,and yoshi's island) believe that hes been overdue for another stroll around town...

3 Things That We Can All Learn From Anime

Let's face it. We all have to learn different things in life. In my 20's I learned some pretty interesting stuff ranging from becoming more social, to learning that sometimes it is ok to fall flat on my face (getting back up is sometimes fun lol). Many of these lessons came from the influence of anime. So for this post, I decided to write 3 things that I think that we can all learn from Anime: