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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Utada Hikaru Has a Radio Show!

First thing first, I know that some of this info is a bit old. I was browsing Facebook and suddenly saw a link to something about Utada. Hmmm seemed click worthy. I followed the link and BAM! I found out that Utada Hikaru is self producing her new radio program Kuma Power Hour. This was some pretty big news to me as I had not heard much about Hikki since she began her hiatus after releasing "Goodbye Happiness". The show as mentioned is complete self produced in her home studio. She even recorded, edited, and picked the music for her first episode (sounds familiar *coughOJNPODCASTcough*). It is really cool to hear that she is still semi active, even if it is not with recording new music on a regular basis and touring.

Speaking of which, she recently did a song for Evangalion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo. The song Sakura Nagashi was used as the title track for the movie. This song is really nice. Give it a listen if you can. I am not linking to it here as it was a bit tough finding audio of it on youtube due to copyright reasons. All in all, for someone on hiatus, she is keeping busy. I can't wait until she is active in the music industry. Her voice is amazing and her music is just as amazing. If you by chance haven't been exposed to her before, try checking out some of her older songs.

The radio show is set to air once a month starting Tuesday, April 16th.


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