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Friday, July 26, 2013

Gamer Friday: Mortal Kombat Trilogy Made Me A Gamer

MKTBox.jpgMortal Kombat Trilogy on the Nintendo 64 was the game to play for me.  This game first off made me fall in love with fighting games in general.  The second reason is the competition.  Even though the N64 version had a lot of content missing compared to other versions, I didn't care, I made the best of it kicking ass and taking names.

My character of choice was Baraka, this ugly Tarkatan who represents the Outworld.  I thought the blades that came out his arms were awesome and he has a face that only a mother can love (if she even did). From his spinning knife move to his fatality which is chopping you in pieces, I like everything about him.  He is still my favorite fighter, I use him in Mortal Kombat 9 (wanna challenge me?).   MKT added a special type of fatality called brutality when one of the fighters beats the living crap out of the loser until they are completely dismembered.  What can I say, gory fighting games are awesome.

I am a very competitive gamer, Draco can tell you that I enjoy multiplayer games.  This game is the first game to bring the competitive side of me.  Even though there was no online gaming, I used to play against my family and friends and things got intense.  There is nothing like beating someone in a game and they are sitting right next to you, the teasing, the trash talking, and sore losers crying is what gaming with people is all about.  That is what really sealed in the game for me, the foundation of my gamer life.


  1. I really do remember this from back in the day. I think that my favorite was Mortal Kombat 3 though. I would play my friends in it for hours on end in that game. It was always super competitive.

  2. I was a big fan of MK3 too, put in some hours into that game as well. In my opinion Mortal Kombat is the best fighting game series...point blank period.