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Friday, August 9, 2013

~151,and maybe more to see?~

Pokemon X&Y is due to be released in alittle over two months,and I am personally STOKED about every piece of news that comes out. The one thing that makes me sad inside is that while the games are becoming more and more elaborate the simple times of Red,Blue,and Yellow are forgotten...But my "slightly" frustrating experiences will never be overshadowed by the newer generation ...
Back in 1996 or so,I got my hands on a copy of Super Mario RPG:Legends of the Seven Stars. I believe that was my first official Role-playing game,but like most 9 year olds i could not get my head around how to play that style of video game. 3years later I was given Pokemon Blue, and I knew yet again it was a RPG.However to my young mind it wasnt as difficult to comprehend like Final fantasy or Super Mario Rpg. Pokemon i will say helped me and many others my age to think steps ahead when making a decision.
BUT...As easy as this game is now back then i got so frustrated fighting Gary and his GODDAMN Pidgey/Pidgeotto. All it would do is sand-attack!!!!
Lets not forget that back then most of your pokemon would get taken out by Sabrina's Alakazam if you wernt careful.For as strong as Alakazam was back then,Dragonite was a bitch and a half as well...especially if you wernt prepared for it. I think about it this way though...if it was not for Mewtwo and Alakazam dominating everything we may not have gotten TWO new types to take them out.
My point in all of this is thats some of my fondest memories are with pokemon Blue,Red and yellow. The frustration of the link cables,Missing #,The rare candy glitch,trying to prove that mew was in game somewhere,Its all back there in my mind.Throughout the game-throwingly maddening parts of the game I hung in there. Sure the new games dont rely on alot of the old mechanics,movesets,or stats but sometimes i really miss the quarks that made the original games what they are today...Legendary.



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