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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Montenegro Review: The Walking Dead From Telltale Games Season 2: Episode 1

Telltale is back with the second season of The Walking Dead.  You control Clementine who was a very important NPC in the first season.  She is no longer that little girl that needs full protection.  Even though she is fully aware of the dangers of the walkers, she is still an 11 year old girl and her personality does shine through.  Lets see what the first episode brings. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)

Before the episode starts, you are shown a short video of your play through of the first season, from when Lee met Clementine, all the major decisions you made to the last moment Lee and Clementine had together.  Then the episode starts with Clementine, Omid and a very pregnant Christa walking towards the public restrooms by Gil's Pitstop talking about baby names.  Omid and Christa walked into the men's restroom and Clementine walked into the women's restroom to get cleaned up.  After a quick check of the restroom to make sure everything was clear, Clementine cleans up and leaves her gun on the sink counter as someone walks into the bathroom.  Clementine runs into a stall as a teenage girl goes through her stuff and hears a noise and aims the gun at Clementine.  While the girl tries to get more stuff off of Clementine, Omid sneaks into the bathroom, and even though his stealthy approach seemed effective, the door slams loudly and the teenage girl out of reaction shoots Omid in the chest causing his demise.  Christa runs in, noticed Omid has been shot, shoots the teenage girl in the stomach and sobs over Omid's body.  Clementine stands in disbelief.

Christa holding Omid after he was shot

The episode continues 16 months later with Clementine and Christa who is no longer pregnant and there is no baby (it is unknown what happened to her baby) is at a campsite trying to keep a fire going.  Christa walks away to find some firewood as Clementine tries to add more fire to the wood that is currently burning.  Then arguing can be heard at a distance with Christa and three guys.  Clementine can choose whether or not to throw a rock at one of the guys named Winston or sneak away.  Either way Winston runs after her in an intense chase sequence with intent to kill.  After being able to break free, you push him into a walker and he eventually becomes dinner.  Other walkers start to approach Clementine, as she is backing up, she falls into a river and gets swept away by the current until she passes out.

Clementine watching Winston get bit by a walker

Eventually Clementine washes ashore and walks through the woods as she finds a dog named Sam.  Sam leads her to a campsite where Sam and his caretakers were staying at (caretakers are not there).  Clementine searches for food and Sam starts barking at a walker who so happens to be tied to a tree.  Clementine kills it and takes the knife that it had.  Clementine then looks through the trash and finds a can of beans, uses the knife to open it and Sam starts begging.  You can either share with Sam or refuse to feed it, either way Sam will attack Clementine by biting her in the arm.  You can either punch Sam or hit him with a rock or stab him with the knife, eventually Clementine will kick him off and he will fall onto a metal frame that pierces him through his hind leg and midsection.  Clementine can either kill him or leave him to die.

Sam after he fell on the metal frame

Clementine goes back into the woods clutching her bite wound and on the verge of passing out when she notices that there were a ton of walkers near her.  She attempts to get away, but a walker almost gets the best of where when two guys Pete and Luke save her and carry her away.  As they carry her to their camp, they noticed her bite mark on her arm and quickly assumed that she was bitten by a walker.  Clementine tries to convince them that it was a dog bite, Pete and Luke discuss whether or not they believe her.  Eventually they decide to take her to their doctor at the site to determine what kind of bite it is.  Clementine ends up passing out and then is awaken being surrounds by the group staying at the campsite arguing whether or not she should be there.  Clementine ends up startling a guy named Nick who is holding a rifle who accidentally shoots near Clementine.  Clementine tries to tell everyone how her bite is a dog bite and it needs to get cleaned up. The group continues to argue and eventually the doctor named Carlos checks Clementine's arm and couldn't determine where the bite originated from so the group decided to lock Clementine in the shed to be safe.

Carlos checking Clementine's arm as the group watches

Clementine gets put in the shed and is in extreme pain from the bite and figures that she needs to find a way to clean the wound.  She looks around and finds a hammer to remove a board that is covering a hole in the shed so she can sneak out to get some medical supplies.  She can sneak into the cabin through a gap in the patio that leads to a trap door or she can knock on the window and grab Alvin's attention and he will help with some supplies and give her a juice box.  Once you are in the cabin, you can listen in on the meeting as they are still talking about Clementine.  Clementine goes up the stairs and walks into a bedroom and finds a roll of rags that can be used as bandages.  She also goes into the bathroom and finds a needle but has to hide quickly as a pregnant woman named Rebecca walks into the baby clearly stressed out.  Once the coast is clear, Clementine can leave the bathroom and look into the next bedroom, as she does that Sarah is in the room and notices her.  She helps Clementine and approaches her in a way that the two of them should be friends.  Whether or not Clementine agrees, Sarah still gives Clementine a bottle of peroxide and tells Clementine to not tell anyone that she helped her.  Clementine leaves and sneaks back into the shed.  Cleans out her wound and starts stitching herself with the needle and fishing wire.  As she went to grab the roll of rags, they fall, she goes and reaches for them and a walker that had sneaked in attacks her.  She beats the walker with a brick and impales it with a rake.  Afterwards she bashes it in the head with a hammer.  All the noise in the shed causes the group to break in and see what it is all about.

Clementine fighting the walker in the shed

The group allows Clementine to come inside the cabin so Carlos can bandage her up.  Carlos warns Clementine to stay away from his daughter Sarah and for her to apologize for using Sarah.  Afterwards Luke comes in and gives Clementine some food and they have a decent conversation with one another.  Nick comes in during it and apologizes for an earlier outburst towards her and tells her that they let a bite victim stay and that person ended up killing Nick's mother.  Nick leaves and Pete comes in so Luke says that its time to get some rest and how they are going fishing tomorrow.  Rebecca is the last to talk to Clementine and warns her to not get too comfortable.
Clementine and Luke having a conversation

The next day Clementine goes to the river with Pete and Nick, during the walk there an awkward conversation comes up with Pete talking about Nick's childhood and Clementine can defuse it if she wants.  As they arrive to the river, they see several fresh dead bodies lying around (one is Roman from 400 days).  Pete says how this might have been done by an individual called Carver and tells everyone to look around.  Clementine notices that her backpack is near one of the bodies, and as she examines her bag, the person is still alive.  That person so happens to be one of the men who was arguing with Christa in the beginning of the episode.  Clementine asks him where Christa is and the man asks for water.  Whether or not Clementine gives him water walkers start coming in.  Pete and Nick are fighting of zombies and Pete gets bit on the leg.  Now Clementine has to choose who to save.  Whoever she saves runs back with her through the woods.

Clementine walking to the river with Nick and Pete

I enjoyed this episode a lot, it kept me on my toes most of the time.  Being able to play as the character that I help protect in the first season is pretty awesome especially since I already have a connection with her and will try to have her survive any situation by any means necessary.  Telltale games does not hold back on the danger against Clementine even though she is a child, as well as they show that Clementine has learned a lot from Lee during the first season.  I cannot wait to see how the next episode turns out.  I leave you guys with the decisions that I have made during my first walk through of this episode.

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series just like me and played through the first episode of the second season, tell me how you felt about it in the comments below.

Ms. Montenegro


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