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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

OJN Discussion #5: Current State of Anime

Welcome to our 5th OJN Discussion as we talk about how we feel about Anime currently.  We also welcome our newest member to OJN, Violet Apparatus.  Sit back and enjoy what Draco, Ranz, Loli-chan and Violet Apparatus has to say.

Draco - I think that the most over-hyped anime series in recent times has been "Attack on Titan".  Don't get me wrong!  I love this series, but I think that this series has become completely over-hyped.  It is a great series with an amazing storyline.  The fandom grew exponentially with each episode that came out.  It was great but I think that the moment that really opened my eyes to how popular this series happened at Otakon 20 (2013).  It seemed like the default cosplay of the year was Attack on Titan.  Like I said, great series but my goodness...the hype!

Ranz - If we are talking recent times then noting else comes to mind so much as Puella Magi Madoka Magica!  Now I like this anime, but for what everyone hypes this story up to be just fell flat to me.  Most of it because of the main character complaining the whole time, like shes useless and I really wanted her to just go away, lol.  Farther than that gripe, it just wasn't all that interesting asaid from the occasional "Oh shit" type of moments.

Violet  Apparatus - Attack on Titan and RWBY even though that is not an official anime.  Both are good, but it has become a bandwagon type of anime that everyone much talk about it nonstop.  I would not recommend it particularly for people who first want to get into anime as an attempt.

Loli-chan - The most over-hyped anime recently in my opinion is Attack on Titan.  The series may be good however the fan base killed it for me.

D - Following up on the previous question, I tend to look for more underrated series.  I don't know why.  Nothing beats that feeling of "I found this little series that only I seem to watch.  Nothing beats that feeling of "I found this little series that only I seem to watch.  No spoilers here unless I go looking for them".  Of course, there is no series that only you watch, but it is cool to have one quiet thing.  For me, this plays a factor because I hate having something spoiled.  I also look at animation, series reviews, rating, etc.  I guess I can be a bit meticulous in a way when it comes to picking something to watch.

R - Well I'm not extremely picky when it comes to choice of watching anime, but bright colors and fluid animation tend to catch my eye even when I don't particularly like the anime itself.  Another thing I would for is how long the anime is in terms of episodes.  I can't sit and watch a series if its like 100+ episodes unless I'm REALLY into it.

V.A. - It depends on the art style and storyline for me.  I do enjoy a variety of genres, but I do not want a series to be rushed or dragged.

LC - It all depends on the storyline for me.  It could have the best art style but if the storyline is terrible, I won't even look at it.

D - Samurai Flamenco, hands down.  This series is amazing.  It really caters to my love for Tokusatsu.  It has a strong Super Sentai influence and is telling a great story about an ordinary guy that wants nothing but to promote justice and peace in his city.  This leads him to dress up as his own created (well kinda) superhero.  As a kid, I always pretended to be Batman or Superman, so in a way I see that childhood fascination being realized in this series.  I'm actually writing an article about this that will be rand over at Sweet Anime Review.

R - Before my last laptop went down, I was really into Ben-To.  I made a post about it while I was watching it as well.  As for as shorter recent-ish anime is concerned, I think this is one of those "take a look at least" type ventures.  Definitely an anime that I need to finish up now that I have the time.

LC - The series that I am hooked on at the moment is Danganronpa: The Animation.  Even though its a really short series but it's one of those series that has many surprised and I definitely recommend it.

D - Heck yea!  Samurai Flamencooooooooooo!!!  Like I said, this series is my favorite right now.  I've been watching it on Hulu.  I watch every new episode basically as soon as it comes out.

R - Not at the moment actually, but if Draco keeps going on about Samurai Flamenco I might just go ahead and check it out lol.

D - I would have to say Kill la Kill.  I've seen and episode of this so far and it looks AMAZING!  The thing that excites me the most is that the animation style is like a dream come true for fans of old school hand drawn anime.  It really pays homage to how anime used to look before things went digital.  I'm not saying its a bad thing, but sometimes you kind of crave the darker art style.

R - If I've seen anything of interest so would be hands down Kill la Kill!  I have only seen but five minutes or so of it, but know it would be something of interest when I finally get around to watching it.  Seems like that Draco guy knows what to watch this season...

D - That's hard to say actually.  I haven't been able to really watch a lot of last year's series, but this year is looking to be starting out strong with the likes of Space Dandy.

R - I certainly hope so.  Nothing really caught my eye last year but this year seems to be looking up with thing like "Kill la Kill" coming out.

LC - That's really hard to say.  I like to wait and see what comes out before judging it.

D - Looking back to when I first started watching anime, no.  I don't want to take away from any of the current series that we all enjoy, but I wish that there was a story as captivating as Evangelion or complex as Legend of the Galactic Heroes.  I miss the factions of Gundam Wing and so on.  In my opinion, most series today seem a bit lighter than ones of years ago.

V.A. - I still prefer my classics over the newer series of anime I had been watching.  Saint Seiya will be my favorite since the series is still going and the anime started in the 1980s.  Though, a few new series has potential.  Space Dandy can be one of them.  Newer animes are shorter in episodes compared to the older ones.

R - When I watched way back, it was a new world to odd one but a good one.  Now I think the art is even better, the stories bigger, and the cast more diverse (sometimes). So anime is going in a good direction but I don't believe its the best it has been since I began watching it.  With much room for improvement on the formulas that we are used to it will only keep getting better in the coming years.

LC - I prefer the classics over the newer ones.  Anime is getting better and better as the years go on, however, it wont measure up to the series I used to watch as a kid which made me love anime to begin with.

Thank you for reading our latest discussion.  If you would like, answer the questions below in the comment section.  Keep an eye out for our other discussions in the coming months.

OJN Crew


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