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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

.:: Trying Something New ::..

Have you ever watched an anime, japanese movies, or even a k-drama (korean drama) and wondered what they were eating and if you could make it yourself? I know I have! I'm always open to trying new things even if its just once. So after seeing something in a movie and wondering what it is I would go surfing the internet to find a simple way to make it. And after awhile of searching I came across a channel youtube that explains to you how to make the food and the items needed for it. That channel is Cooking with Dog.
Here are six dishes that I've always wanted to try and why:

1.) Omurice: I like this dish because its a simple yet different way to eat eggs and rice.

2.) Ramen: Even though we have tasting ramen here in the States I always wanted to make homemade ramen. Being a fan of Naruto I always wanted to know why he loved it so much and it looks like fun to make.
3.) Dango: Its a sweet treat they sell in japan and it kind of reminds me of a donut lol
4.) Mochi Ice Cream: an sweet treat to have on a hot day or any day. I've had this before at a japanese restaurant and always brought some from a local store called H Mart. Someday I will master how to make this lol
5.) Tsukemen: Another dish I saw watching Naruto. Its similar to ramen however you keep the noodles separate from the soup.

6.) Takoyaki: I forget where I first seen this but I always thought it was an interest dish to try. I've never had something that you would usually have something sweet in the middle that instead has octopus in it.

Hopefully you enjoy the videos and find them simple to make as I did.
If you have any questions or would like to share some dishes that you like feel free to leave a comment down below.

~Loli-chan <3


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