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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Montenegro Review: The Wolf Among Us Episode 1

A Telltale Games Series The Wolf Among Us lets us play as Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown.  There are murders of different Fables and Bigby must figure out who has committed them.  Also Bigby has to deal with a negative reputation he had developed prior to moving to Fabletown.  Episode one "Faith" is an introduction to many Fables and the beginning of a murder spree.  Read along to see some information on it as well as what I think of this episode. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD

Fabletown, a fictional town within New York City is home to many Fables; characters from different fairy tales.  These Fables purchase glamours to blend in with the mundanes (humans) to avoid exposing their true form.  Those who do not have glamours get sent upstate to The Farm.  Sheriff Bigby Wolf makes sure that things go smoothly in Fabletown.  His reputation as the "Big Bad Wolf" from "The Little Red Riding Hood" and the "Three Little Pigs" follow him everywhere he goes.  How you deal with different scenarios impacts the rest of the story.  You can respond in positive or negative ways and play the game as you see fit.

Unnamed Woman with Bigby

At the start of the game Bigby responds to a call by Toad at the Tenement building in the Bronx about a situation that is going on in the apartment above his.  As you enter the apartment you see the Woodsman (The Little Red Riding Hood) beating up on a woman.  A major fight scene happens and afterwards you try to find out what the woman's name is but she responds with "These lips are sealed".  Afterwards Bigby goes to the Woodland's in Fabletown and finds Beauty hiding from Beast, Beauty asks Bigby to not tell Beast where she is and leaves.  Moments later as Bigby enters the elevator, Beast spots him and asks about Beauty, you respond as you want and Beast leaves.  Bigby makes his way into his apartment and finds Colin (One of the Three Little Pigs, lived in the straw house) sleeping on Bigby's chair.  After Colin wakes up, words are exchanged and Bigby gets some shuteye.

Snow White, Bigby Wolf and Ichabod Crane

There is a knock on the door and Bigby opens it to find Snow White and tells Bigby to walk outside with her.  Bigby notices a security jacket covering something, as he moves it, he discovers the head of the woman who had the altercation with the Woodsman.  After searching for clues, Bigby decides with Snow when to tell the Deputy Mayor of Fabletown; Ichabod Crane.  When Crane is told, he takes his frustrations out on Snow and tells the two of them to figure this murder out.  A major clue being the woman's ring and help from the magic mirror, a book of Fables and Bufkin, Bigby and Snow find out that the woman's name is Faith and she is from the story of Allerleirauh.  Also she is married to a Prince Lawrence who lives in the Bronx, the magic mirror shows a disturbing photo.  After gathering that information, Toad calls Bigby telling him to hurry back to the Tenement building.  You choose where to go first, this decision affects the storyline tremendously. 

Go to Toad's Apartment or to Prince Lawrence's

Whatever you picked you will go to that place first and deal with the situation.  With Toad you will have an interrogation sequence and with Prince William, you will have a chase sequence with Tweedle Dee (has blood on him) after dealing with Prince William.  After the second place has been visited, you will head to the Trip Trap bar where it is believed that the Woodsman is at (A suspect in the murder).  You talk to Holly who is the bartender and Grendal who hates being bothered, both of them act like they haven't seen the Woodsman.  A few minutes later the Woodsman comes out of the bathroom, a discussion is had and Grendal turns into his Fable form and attacks Bigby which initiates another major fight sequence.  Afterwards Tweedle Dee walks in, sees Bigby, tries to run and Woodsman runs as well.  You pick who to arrest.  Bigby takes them to Fabletown and notices mundane officers surrounding the Woodlands.  Chains the suspect to the pole and walks up to the front stairs and makes a grim discovery.

Telltale games has done it again with The Wolf Among Us.  Captivating storyline, intense decisions and likable and hate-able characters.  I am personally not into magic, fairy tale games but I like the familiarity of the characters along with them being in more of a human setting.  Episode one definitely has me hooked in, I cannot wait till the next episode comes out.

If you have played the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, let me know what you thought of it below in the comments.  I leave you with the decisions that I have made in my first playthrough.

Ms. Montenegro


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