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Thursday, October 24, 2013

A True Diamond: One of the best anime music covers that I have ever heard

Every so often, you will come by an anime with a soundtrack that becomes instantly as timeless and genius as the anime itself. Music is a big part of what makes a series appealing to me, so I sometimes find myself being wowed by a series with a soundtrack that can make me relieve the greatest moments of that anime over and over. One such series that did this with its music was Cowboy Bebop. If living in a world set in the future where space is like the wild west isn't enough, the jazz/blues/country inspired music that was featured in the series really brought it to life.

The music to this series was composed by Yoko Kanno. After having a hand in most of the music that touched me since I dove into anime, I have come to the conclusion that she is a musical genius. After forming the group "The Seatbelts" for Cowboy Bebop, I believe that the result was some of her best work. With multiple CDs containing the songs played in the series, Bebop clearly wins my vote for anime with the best soundtrack hands down. No lie...the Real Folk Blues changed my life!

After a bit of surfing the internet last night while looking for one particular song, "Diamonds" from the "Tank! The! Best!" album, I found this cover on youtube and was simply blown away. This is a cover of Diamonds, and in my opinion stands very tall next to the original. The singer performing it is Alissa Simmons and can be found here on her Youtube channel and Official site. The song is beautiful and her voice is the perfect complement to the lyrics and melody. It makes me stop and think back to that one day where I stumbled onto Bebop on Adult Swim. Life was never the same.

P.S. - Yes...I know this song was not in the series. That doesn't take away from its beauty.


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