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Monday, June 29, 2009

Episode 9 - Ninjas, Youtube, and I'm Legit!

In our newest episode, we explore the dealing of internet martial artists. To be exact, we'll be talking about ChosonNinja. Join us in our latest youtube rant. I'm sure you wont want to miss this. No audio player on this one due to a playback error. Sorry everyone.
*CONTENT WARNING. This episode contains some religious remarks. Nothing is meant to offend, as opposed to the stance taken by one of the hosts

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Episode 6 - The return of Ruanime

I know what you're thinking. "Where is episode 5?" Well, ask Ranz. He was editing that one and it was never released, so to stay true to the naming convention, here is episode 6. I was proud of my editing in this one. What? "How does Ruanime return if he was never here?" So many questions. Go to for the answers that you seek.

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Episode 4 - Totally Random

The title says it all. We could not pick a subject

Direct Download He really did make that video too...

Episode 3 - Jumong and the Itis

This is a real quick podcast. Me and Ranz just finished watching an episode of Jumong and decide to talk about it briefly

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Episode 2 - The Buzz on Magie

This is the second episode in which me and Ranz tackle the Magibon issue. Well...she's not really an issue. We just like talking about her. No hard feelings or anything. This is just based on some research around the web.

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Episode 1 - Rant on Magibon

This is a podcast that me and my friend Ranz made. It was like...2am and we had nothing better to do than rant on a youtube personality. In this one, we talk about Magibon. Hence the name, Draco and Ranz's rant on Magibon. This is a little old but still good. Oh and the audio is a little low. Sorry about that. I hope you like it.

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