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Friday, January 4, 2013

~Apparently “lighting” does strike the same place twice~

The Final fantasy(FF for short)series has been around for about 26 years, And many changes have occurred in its lifespan much to some fan's dismay. One such change is the focus on the main character “lightning” and the world of Final Fantasy 13. Could this be a major kink in the long standing series' armor?

The series started off as a last ditch effort by its creator Hironobu Sakaguchi but through this came 14 main series games and an ASSLOAD of spin-offs. While it is agreed by most fans that the original formula for the games worked,it of course couldn’t stay unchanged forever. Final Fantasy10 took some of what was old and changed it up,but once FF 10-2 showed up on the scene most of what the fans knew to that date received a huge overhaul. The main thing that I noticed(a real no-brainer)was that this was the first time they had continued a main series game. This is something that they tend to do a lot nowadays and was a pretty cool concept at the time,but they took out something that made Final Fantasy what it was...The after battle fanfare.
How could they take that away from the fans after being a main staple of the series? Knowing that you would hear that catchy tune when you finished that long ass boss battle was a VERY satisfying experience. Ive personally been upset about that ever since then because it seems like they don’t plan on putting it back in the games,but thats not the true problem that the fans seem to have with the series as a whole right now. Fast forward to final fantasy 13 and its group of games the Fabula Nova Crystallis series. FF 13 or as better described in JohnTron's words as “Final Hallway 13”, has many fans harping on how this game is bad for being REALLY linear. Personally its not a problem to me. If you didnt mind it in FF10 then dont complain about it now.
The main problem is that I feel that the game sets itself up for failure. The fact that nothing all that interesting happens throughout the first 15 or so hours of the game is horrendous. It usually by the first couple hours that you make the decision to keep playing or not. This is not helped by the “press X to win” style gameplay at the beginning of the game and the one annoying ass character named Hope. That being said FF-13 isnt a bad game(if you make it to the middle of the game)and the story is pretty good on its own,but not only did it get a sequel it also received a sequel to that as well. While Im not saying thats a bad thing,when FF-13-3 was announced a lot of fans were like “wtf,what about 13 Verses,or 13 Agito(type-o)”!? the later personally I was excited about.
I personal dont think we need Lightning shoved down our throat like it seems Square-enix is doing. I would actually like to see a new Final Fantasy (that isnt online only) staring an all new cast. Right now I would love to be all excited for the next number in the series, however I cant seem to get on the same page as our beloved Final Fantasy series.



  1. I know that Final Fantasy is on current gen systems and all....and I'mma let you finish...but FF9 is the best FF game of all time. OF ALL TIME!!!!

  2. Still waitin on that HD remake of 9

  3. Pretty much! I would really love to see that. The story of FF9 was so good! I think that and Kingdom Hearts were the last great RPGS that I played.