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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How To Make Your Ideas A Reality

Do you have an amazing idea or dream that fills your head day in and day out? Does your heart beat with passion for something, yet you sometimes feel that it will never see the light of day? We all have that special something that we dream of. It doesn't matter how large or small that something is; it is still important to us. The question is that what comes next after we finish wishing and hoping for what you want? Do you act on it? Would you rather just dream? Check out this video of Rilla Alexander talking about how important it is to dream, but also knowing that dreaming is not enough. You have to DO something in order to make those dreams a reality. This is a story of her idea. I hope that you can find inspiration in this to chase after your own as well.

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  1. makes me feel like i need to get working on some things