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Friday, May 24, 2013

~Of Dragon Warriors and their monsters a retro review~

Today ill be talking about a little known Pokemon-esq game for the game boy color called “dragon quest monsters:terry's wonderland” otherwise know to us in the US as “dragon warrior monsters”. If you are familiar with the “dragon warrior” series then you'll know that it seems to be constantly overshadowed by more popular rpgs. In this case it was the yellow mouse pikachu and his poke pals that took center stage.
Released in 1998 this game was one of the better “catch'em all” based games on the portable market. It introduced the player to breeding and cross breeding monsters. You could even cross breed between friends instead of out right trading the “mon” that you grew attached to. In terms of Battle(being what these type of games were about) you usually couldnt have a powerhouse monster to take out everything. Your team(which consisted of three monsters at a time) needed to be balanced and well thought out,this was especially true if you were playing a human player.
Storywise this wasnt anything really special,you pretty much witness your sister(?) being kidnapped and you gotta save her through going on mini adventures and battling your mons...i couldnt ask for a more cut and paste story than that,but hey...that wasnt the games' strong point.
Graphically,this game was nothing too special,however it did have a pretty pallet of colors and the mosnters themselves look better than some of the other “mons” of the time.For the time and placement of the release of the game it was a welcome edition to the market,anyone who like pokemon now should go back and take a look at this overlooked jem of a game.


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