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Friday, June 17, 2011

Gamer Fridays

7:00 am:
I'm rushing to get out of the house before 7:15 and I am nowhere ready for work. All of my work clothes are wrinkled. That's when it caught my eye. Hanging up was my newest, most awesome, none work appropriate (if anyone actually cared) shirt. My beloved halo reach shirt.

7:45 am:
So I'm late. Big deal lol. I feel like a spartan reminiscing about the epic fall of reach. Ah those were some good times! I kicked ass in campaign mode lol

8:30 am:
Still late, but damn do I feel awesome in this shirt!!! So this lead me to think of something cool. I love Fridays, and to me it should be a lite day. I mean...Friday is that ray of hope for the freedom of the weekend. And no...I am not referring to that damn Rebecca Black song! Why not make every Friday be a Gamer Friday? I can totally see that. So let's do this! Get on your favorite console, pwn some noobs, and dont forget to check us out because we will be joining in on the festivities too. There might even be a weekly podcast for it too....I mean...just saying lol


  1. Wanna know how I spent my friday? Yesterday?

    8:00 AM: Hit snooze.
    8:30 AM: Got up. Called WKU. Set up time to set up classes and whatnot.
    9:00 AM: Calling about cars.
    10:00 AM: Ate breakfast.
    10:30 AM: Called more people with cars.
    12:30 PM: Finally took a break and watched Party Monster.
    2:00 PM: Woke my mom up and talked to her about the cars.
    3:00 PM: Talked to my Grandpa about Kentucky, living there, planning to drive there, and going to see about this car.
    6:00 My grandpa finally figures out what's going on and picks me up.
    6:30 Looking at car that happens to just not be worth it :/.
    7:00 Home with no new car. :(
    For the rest of the night I lay on the couch and watched tv until 2 AM. :)