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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wait...What?! Season 3?!

Wow has it been a while since this blog was last updated. No worries though because I come with a gift to make up for the absence. That's right! I have a new podcast. Ranz is back from a bad apartment situation and I (at the time) was working my life away. What do you get when I super drowsy Draco and a vent tastic Ranz come together? A new episode of course!!!

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  1. First thing: PIGGY! PANDA! <3!

    Ok. So. One... Two: WTF! Countdown? I find this hilarious, but kinda weird! xD But thank you Piggy for "having my back" xD <3 You two make me giggle.

    Three: Miley is Disney. Look at every past Disney star. Miss Lohan was a former Disney star.

    Three: Wanna know my...this is four... my major fail win on the fourth of July? We were playing Beer Frisbee, which was awesome. And I was allowed to drink because I wasn't driving. Anyways, playing beer frisbee. What you do is throw the frisbee and try to hit the other teams pole and knock off the bottle. Well, I threw it. And apparently, I'm bad at frisbees... :/. I threw it and it totally missed. But there was a bottle sitting on the sidewalk. And the frisbee hit it. It was the wrong bottle to hit, but I broke the top of it, and the bottom of it. Got 3 points. Because the middle of the bottle. The body of the bottle. Was completely fine. Somehow I hit it and broke the neck of the bottle and the bottom. How does that happen? We don't know. It should have been a 0 pointer but because it was so epic, such a win fail, I got three points. We only got 7 points total so. And it's game at 20. xDD It's pretty bad. I liked the game but I was. am. NO good.

    So guys. Trees. You know what that reminds me of? we're at five. When I would say I'd make the trees attack Piggy. xD Oh Yahoo.

    O_O Stuff, eh? Stuff? No wonder the generations are slowly getting worse and worse. Btw. I <3 Lion King. What did that do to me while growing up? I'm an angry, violent, hyper, excitable person who likes to be loud and sing stupid songs, though I fail at singing.

    Cars: I'm looking for one. Its ridiculous. Craigslist. It's helpful. But the people who post on it are dumb and not helpful. And everytime I find a good helpful ad, it's gone or the car is useless. >.<

    My friend's brother was watching Anime, IDK what show. but my friend's mom was like "You shouldn't be watching this! First Incest and now lesbians?!" I almost cried from laughing at him.

    I miss Dragon Ball Z. I love that show. Anger and explosions.

    OMG So games. I BEAT Resident Evil 5 ON PS3! ON NORMAL. Sorry, that's a requirement cause half the people I know are like... RE5... Pick Easy. :/. And they couldn't beat it. >.< ANYWAYS THAT GAME MADE ME KICK THE SH*T OUT OF A TABLE, RUB SOMEONE'S BUTT, AND STAB THE COUCH! And more. That game made me smash my fingers hardcore. It hurt.

    Know what I wanna play? Soul Calibur, Mortal Combat, and Street Fighters. :D.

    So. I shot a shotgun and an AK-47 on the fourth of july. It was fun. We had a justin beiber poster as our target. XDD Sorry, you guys are talking about Naruto and I lost touch with that show forever ago.

    So I found a car I was gonna call about but I did not because of listening to this podcast.


    ..."Celebrity's know my name". I appreciate that.

    Twitter... is dumb. Just saying.
    I'm stickin with FB. And I don't even really do that. So.

    I miss gaming. PS3 went home and now we're stuck with an xbox with no games, wii with no games, and game cube:no games. (This pertains to Halo Reach)

    I bet I could pwn you at games I've never played! no. not really. but I could. I mean. Maybe. I played COD and. No. killed 4 people. My friend killed 17. Our other friend killed 32. Mostly me. It wasn't nice.

    I only found this cause apparently a long time ago I bookmarked it. :D

    Announcements: I'm going to WKU officially! I go to KY to sign up for classes on the tenth! xD Well... I have to be there to do it on that day. Anyways. Funny podcast. Highly entertained!