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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gangnam Style - Horse Dancing To Record Amounts of Views

Over the past few weeks it has become official that Psy's Gangnam Style is the most viewed video on Youtube. Not only is it the most viewed, the view count is over 1 BILLION!!! So to celebrate, I wanted to just write my two cents about this craze that just seems to keep going. I honestly assumed that the Gangnam Style craze would die down back in September of this year, but apparently it is still going strong. Psy really did have a legit hit on his hands when he released this song. I for one did not think it would be the hit that it became when I first heard it. Two months after I heard it, the world was doing a new dance....the horse dance. Just take a look at this tutorial for the dance. It is pretty simple. Even me with my two left feet can do these moves!

Not a bad tutorial for those that need it. The dance is actually kind of fun to do. Don't expect to see any video of me doing it though lol.

Like I said before, the view count for this video is record breaking. This is simply amazing. I remember the days where a video getting a million views was astonishing. But to see this truly blows my mind.

So to Psy, congrats on your success! There's no better way to close this out than with the song that is at the heart of this post. Thanks for reading.


  1. Loving this post Draco! I watched the first video and I love how they took a rather silly dance and broke it down like a serious dance number! Can't wait to see more! ;)

  2. Thanks! You, me, Ranz + Zenkaikon Rave = Gangnam Style all crazy lol. I really just wanted to make a fun quick. I really do admire how this song went from an inside kpop thing to worldwide phenomenon.