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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

you may not have known...

So im sittin having a late-night chat with Draco and i figured that a post of something that makes me happy...also marks my 1st post XD. Did you know gaming is pretty much a channel dedicated to small facts and trivia surrounding some of the games i like to play. its always an interesting listen :D

"Did you know~~final fantasy



  1. nice post ... awesome video c:

  2. Haniyasuhiko HiretijimeDecember 29, 2012 at 3:07 AM

    --Final Fantasy

    I knew about how the name was chosen for the game however I had no idea about all the censorship **pumps fist angrily at North-America**. Anyways all of that other information was new to me and I was especially surprised to find that the inspiration for a lot of things behind Final Fantasy 7 sprouted from that guy's mother's death. I don't know if it is a coincidence but the most popular Final Fantasy to date had part of its story derived from actual tragedy which I believe made for a better "Non Hollywood" type death. I do love 8 over 7 just because it was my first FF :D

    --The Pokemon Video That Followed

    Wow this is simply amazing. You already know that I had to sit down and watch the ポケットモンスター(Poketto Monsuta: Translated Directly From The ファイアレッドFaiareddo Version ROM screen). I had no idea that all that behind the scene stuff was going on and that Pokemon owes its birth to Yoshi's popularity. I didn't really care for Yoshi however since Yosh is I suppose what you could call Pokemon's birth-mother(Not really, the way they explained it Yoshi was more of a rich uncle that gives you money to start on certain endeavors like opening a business or going to university).

    I honestly cannot believe how close to Pokemon came to being tanked and on more than one occasion. They mentioned that its lucky that it was even released. Thank you Yoshi with your genderlessness(maybe?) and your stupid stupid stupid STUPID fking boots. Why do you even wear boots Yoshi? We all already know you're wearing knock-off UGG boots n e ways! I mean, I mean seriously you have boots but no shirt and no pants. You should be put in jail, You Goin Ta Jaya Na!