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Friday, November 1, 2013

~Unlucky times for clover studos~

                 Clover studios was a very short lived division of Capcom...or CRAPcom as some of us would call them now. They were the team behind one of my favorite games "Viewtiful joe" and one game that i highly respect named "Okami". Clover also made another game that seems to go under the radar way too often, that title being "God Hand". What happened to Clover? Why after at least two successful titles did they fade into the shadows? The answer is simple...Capcom happened.
                  In July 2004 Capcom decided they wanted to make more original games other than sequels of their existing library stemming from that Clover Studios was born. Clover was mainly there to "make more money" for Capcom with original characters and unique games. In total Clover had a hand in 3 Intellectual properties, and a total of 6 games altogether. Capcom thought that none of the creations of Clover held up to any of the flagship titles that Capcom had under its belt.

                    In 2007 Capcom decided to try to merge Clover back into Capcom overall. This did not sit well with the staff in Clover because of all the freedom of creation they had over at their studio. Capcom of course was not trying to hear it. Clover as a whole instead decided they would leave Capcom and some of its key members went on to form other studios while others went to work under different banners.

                     Some of Clover's ambitions still live within the titles of Madworld, Infinite Space, and one of my personal favorites Bayonetta which managed to spawn a sequel last year. It was a really a bummer to see Clover disbanded in the way it was since i think the team had so much more to give to Capcom as a whole. The really bad part of it is that I dont believe that Capcom has even learned from its past and they know how to piss of all of their fans in a single swoop. And the worst of it being that Capcom acquired the rights to all of the games and IPs, but will not do anything further with them! Maybe Capcom will see the light before its too late.


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