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Saturday, November 2, 2013

.::Listen to My Heart, Be My Last::.

Music is everywhere. It helps relax the mind and speaks to the soul. There are many different genre of music but one of my favorites is K-pop (Korean Pop). I was first introduced to k-pop after I watched an anime called Inuyasha. The opening and ending to the show were simply amazing. From "Change the World” by V6 to “My Will” by Dream, my interest into learning more about K-pop grew.

One of my favorite ending themes to Inuyasha I believe is ending 4 “Every Heart" (Minna no Kimochi) which is sung by BoA.
BoA is my all time favorite singer. Not only has she written songs in Korean but also in Japanese and English. BoA wrote a few openings to two anime and one video game (to my knowledge). 
Those openings are:
Duvet – Serial Exeriments Lain (anime)
Beside You – Boku Wo Yobu Koe (anime)
White Wishes – Tales of Graces F (game)

Not only has she made amazing openings she also made some great hit songs and videos such as:
Listen to My Heart
Milky Way
Winter Love
Brand New Beat
Eat You Up

Listening to BoA really opens my mind to listening to other types of music from other countries. Not only does it make me stop and listen to a theme to an anime or game but it makes me want to see what other type of music is out there.

Another genre of music I like is J-pop (Japanese Pop) and the artist that got me into it and also into one of my favorite game series is Hikaru Utada.
Listening to her song “Passion” really got me into playing Kingdom Hearts. At first I wasn't really interested in playing it since it didn't look fun but after listening to Passion I got a little interest as to what it could be about. After playing it for a few hours not only I was hooked on the Kingdom Hearts games but Utada music. Utada not only wrote “Passion” but also “Hikari”, which when the songs came out in America they were called “Sanctuary (Passion)” and “Simple and Clean (Hikari). She also sung the ending to Evaneglion: 3.0 which was called “Sakura Nagashi”.

Some of my favorite songs by Utada are:
Be My Last
First Love
Final Distance
Flavor of Life
Can You Keep a Secret

Hopefully this post gets you a little into listening to K-pop or J-pop as it did myself.

Thanks for reading my first post :) <3

This is Loli-chan over and out!


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