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Saturday, November 2, 2013

OJN: In Case You Missed it (Week of 10/28/13 Recap)

This week saw quite a few interesting articles on OJN. Each day (excluding Thursday) one of our team members made it a mission to post something great on the blog for you all to enjoy. This is a weekly recap that I will be writing each week that will give a quick recap on what was posted to the blog this week and why it was awesome. With that said, let the first weekly recap begin!


Note: This is the first day of the posting week here on the blog. As a teen, I remember that the Sci Fi channel (now SyFy) used to have a programming block called AniMonday. This name really stuck with me and in the spirit of those days, Mondays on OJN will be dedicated to anime. 

Starting this week off was a post from myself (Draco if you didn't know) about my recent discovery of the anime , "Kids On The Slope". Following my last anime article detailing what I was watching at the time, this post follows that them by giving my thoughts and impressions of this series as I watch it. If you want to know what I had to say about this series, check out this post!

Read it all right here


Lokita is one of our hardcore gamers here on the OJN blog. This week she decided to take a look at four of the big game releases that happened this week. You can expect to find a quick overview of Assassins Creed IV, WWE 2k14, Battlefield 4, and Sonic Lost World. This is a really great article that really captures how big of a release day that Tuesday was.

Check out the post here


OJN is not merely just a blog. It is the home of a great podcast. This week saw the launch of OJN's sister podcast "R&L Trigger", which serves to replace the Gamer Friday podcasts (which were pretty rarely produced). We have Ranz and Loli-Chan working together as the hosts of this new podcast series. The topic of this week was Golden Sun. Ranz went solo on this one and managed to knock it out of the park. If you are a fan of handheld gaming or Golden Sun, be sure to check this episode out. Congrats on the debut Ranz and Loli!

Full Post Here

Here's a special player to celebrate your debut!


The written form of Gamer Friday returns in a new article about the demise of Clover Studios. Ranz shares this opinion piece about how Clover rose to prominance with it's unique and original characters, and later fell thanks to Capcom being Capcom. This is a good read so be sure to check it out!

Full Article


Finally we have  the debut article from our newest writer, Loli-chan. She is the co-host of R&L Trigger and has been a long time friend of OJN. She has finally graced our blog with an awesome first article. In it, you get to read about her love for kpop and jpop. She gives us a glimpse into what drew her into this fandom. It is well written and very informative. Hopefully, she shares more of her musical expertise with us in the future.

Check her article out here


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