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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Put Your Hands Up If You Got Your Xbox One Early, Thanks Target

Last Saturday, gamers have been trying to find out as much as they can about the Xbox One. One lucky person who got their console early from Target and posted as much as they could on twitter as well as YouTube.  Target has sent an undetermined amount of regular Xbox One consoles because there was no set release date for them (The Day One Xbox One consoles have the November 22nd release date).  Twitter user Moonlightswami  put out as much information as he can from how long it takes from when you turn on the Xbox One to when it loads up the dashboard to how many GB it will take for each available game to install on the hard drive.  Then all of a sudden he got banned and his Youtube videos were pulled.  Afterwards Larry Hryb better known as Major Nelson reached out to him to let him know that this banned is temporary, and Moonlightswami will be part of an Xbox One launch event.

View image on Gyazo website
Moonlightswami took pictures to show the sizes of each game, here is one for example.

He wasn't the only person gaming when he received his Xbox One.  Seems like Killer Instinct is the game to play.

Target has a mess on their hands and I am pretty sure Microsoft had some choice words with them.  Nonetheless, knowing the sizes of games make it seem like the 500 GB hard drive may not be ideal for the hardcore gamer.  Let me know what you think about all this, put your opinions in the comments below.  I will end this off with a link to a video of Xbox One's features that was just released.

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